Words matter -- especially the words of our leaders, whose can inspire good or evil. During a time of great division, Robert Kennedy proved that courage and intelligence need to be brought back to politics…and that we should never retreat from justice. Read Robert Kennedy’s words today. We need them more than ever.” - Brad Meltzer, bestselling author

"...Rich background information on policy and historical context introduces each chapter and frames each speech, which reveal Kennedy's appeal to Democrats and Republicans, minorities and the middle class. Themes include civil rights, mistrust of large government, citizen participation in local government, eliminating poverty, and ending the Vietnam War. The speeches demonstrate Kennedy's skill at connecting with large, enthusiastic audiences with promises of hope and equality." - Karl Helicher, Library Journal

"This book...could not be more perfectly timed...[it] will be for many readers like the welcome, delicious equivalent of a large pitcher of water during a long, smoggy summer heat wave....[it] should not be approached as a eulogy for a fallen statesman...[but] better read ... as a blueprint for the future." - Neil Hrab, Rhetoric Editor, Vital Speeches of the Day

"Rick Allen has done a remarkable job of bringing back the words of Robert Kennedy in a way that will hopefully inspire new generations. Thank you, Rick, for updating the original book and keeping the spirit of RFK alive for today’s population....Rereading these pages is a cathartic experience." - Francine Brokaw, Family Choice Awards

" intimate view of a wordsmith who achieved an enduring reputation for speaking persuasively to unify audiences even on such inherently divisive themes as war, peace, poverty and inequality." - Andrew Kreig, Justice Integrity Project

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Family Choice Awards Francine Brokaw

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Don't Mourn—Analyze!  Neil Hrab, Rhetoric Editor, Vital Speeches of the Day

RFK's Collected Works Provide Powerful Lessons For Today Andrew Kreig, Justice Integrity Project